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About Brittany

I am from Bucyrus, OH, the oldest child of Greg and Karen.  I have a younger brother (Ryan) and sister (Kaleigh). Our early days were spent in an old farmhouse back a half-mile driveway and this lifestyle instilled many survival skills we will always value.  I attended Suplhur Springs Elementary and graduated from Colonel Crawford High School. After high school I packed up the Chevy Cavalier and headed west on Route 30 to the booming metropolis of Ada, OH to begin pharmacy school at Ohio Northern.  The friends and memories that I made during college are lifelong...everything from the mechanism of action of many medications to the value of a 54-ounce margarita from La Chereada. After graduating with my Pharm.D. in 2006 I completed a residency at Akron General Medical Center and I am currently working as a clinical pharmacist at the Dayton VA Medical Center.

About Casey

Casey was born and raised in Piqua, OH.  His parents are Paul and Jeanie and he grew up with 2 older sisters (Molly and Laura) and a younger brother (Brady). Casey attended St. Mary's Catholic School and graduated from Lehman Catholic High School.  He is a true outdoorsman and his family, especially his Grandpa Jordan, helped shape him into the hunter and fisherman that he is today. His love for the outdoors is what led him to his choice of college, Northland College, In Asland, WI on the coast of Lake Superior. In addition to the many deer, fish and kegs he killed in college, he also graduated in 2004 with double majors in Biology and Natural Resources.  Upon returning to Ohio Casey began working in sales, which ultimately led him to his current position as a pharmaceutical sales representative with Elli Lilly, specializing in cardiology.

How we met

Ada, Ohio may not seem like your typical spring break destination, but when one of your best friends is a senior at Ohio Northern University and promises a good time at the Regal Beagle...how could Casey pass this up? Little did he know that there was a lady polar bear who was going to steal his heart!  Casey and I first met at Sam Mikolewski's campus house and pretty much spent the rest of the night together talking, singing karaoke at Little Mexico and of course ending up at the Regal Beagle.  After that weekend Casey had to go back to Ashland, WI and by the time he returned home after graduation I was already in Connecticut for a summer internship.  Needless to say, there were a lot of phone calls that summer and once I was back in Ohio to continue pharmacy school the romance really began to bloom.  With Casey only being 45 minutes away, we were finally able to close some of the distance that separated us and realized how amazing it felt to be a couple.

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